A visual look at where your tax dollars go.


death_and_taxes.jpgWhile this diagram mapping American federal discretionary spending is flawed*, it demonstrates how information visualization can be quite useful. It communicates complex ideas simply.

It might be hard to grasp what our great leaders are doing with hundreds of billions of dollars in discretionary spending, but with it glance, it’s easy to see that, gosh, the military has an awfully big circle compared to the Department of Education (and everything else non-military, combined).

(* Oh, so the diagram misleadingly represents the Department of Defense and Congress as co-equal spending bodies, but really Congress controls the budget, and the first split should be between military and non-miltary spending, not the DoD and Congress. So the implementation isn’t quite right, but the intention and visualization approach is regardless keen.)

(via information aesthetics, boingboing)


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